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This page i will be showing some pics of the modding iv done to my case. I will have good quality pics soon.


Here this color is actually a Pepper Red or Fire truck red, or even a brick red. My Cam makes it seem pink. The color was a greamish white eww.

Top shot

Side view.

Nice and clean

Here a shot of my new water reservior i made outa PVC pipe. Its quite cool and much more space friendly then the 5 gallon bucket i was using hehe.

Here is a close up. I used clear silicon to seal the top and bottom caps. Same with the side cap then i cut a small hole big enough for my hoses and sealed that as well.

Another pic of the reservior.

All my tangled insides with wires hanging around, in later pics i will be cleaning that out and adding some green cathods and a window mod.

Well my window is finished and i got one green led fan for the window. Now im off to buy some cathods.

Here is the finish product. 2 green cathods, it may seem dimm but belive me 2 is way to much thier super birght but look great

mmm BioHazard i got this whole grren biohazard thingy from Command and Conquer generals zero hour lol.


Last one.